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By working together we've found practical ways to tackle some of our community's hardest challenges—restoring forests and wetlands, mitigating wildfire, creating opportunities for youth, and growing our local economy. And we'll continue working together to take on whatever challenges may lie ahead. Learn About High Desert Partnership. 

High Desert Partnership is bringing people TOGETHER to find COMMON GROUND in addressing rural challenges and opportunities.

Partnership News

Available from ScienceDirect a special issue of Rangelands authored by presenters at the December 2020 Invasive Annual Grass Workshop. The success of the workshop led to an opportunity for a special peer-reviewed issue of Rangelands journal to be developed. The authors in this Rangelands special issue came together with their respective research and management perspectives to provide a comprehensive picture for effectively coordinating and collaborating in managing invasive annual grasses at a landscape scale.

It's been a relatively wet April and May in Harney County but there's more to the story.

According to the U.S. Drought Monitor, 100% of Harney County is in a severe drought. What does this mean for the local ranchers earning a living here who depend on water to sustain and grow the hay needed to feed their livestock? What does it mean for resident and migrating birds who rely on the Harney Basin to fuel and rest?