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Vision + Goals

Vision for the Future

The long-term vision of Harney County Forest Restoration Collaborative’s work in the southern Malheur National Forest is to:

  • create greater wildfire tolerance,
  • sustain diverse forest ecosystems,
  • increase economic capacity by supporting new and emerging market opportunities, and
  • improve the ability to rehabilitate the forest on a landscape scale. 

Goals and Priorities

Volunteers with the Harney County Restoration Collaborative on a field trip in the Malheur National Forest.

  • Restoration of forest health and the return of natural ecosystem processes.
  • Enhanced social capacity to solve problems in ways that build and sustain desired environmental, economic, and community conditions.
  • Development of a working draft of desired future conditions and agreement on how to get there.
  • Enhanced and improved community economic resilience.
  • Improved efficiency and efficacy of federal, state, and local agencies to carry out their missions.

Desired Outcomes

  • Infrastructure capable of utilizing wood products from restoration activities, increasing contractor capacity, and restoring local communities and social health.
  • Local economies benefit from year-round jobs related to restoration, forest management, generally, and other ecosystem-based goods and services.
  • Industries are appropriately scaled to a local, sustainable supply of wood materials, as determined through collaborative efforts.
  • Sustainable fiber supply is valued by the community as an important asset associated with proper forest management.
  • Supply is steady from year to year and fulfills minimum needs to sustain community infrastructure.
  • Citizens show pride in the forest they are stewarding and are recognized by those outside the area as being good stewards of the land.

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