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Invasive Annual Grass Workshop

Invasive annual grasses threaten millions of acres of sagebrush rangelands across the west. This two day workshop hosted by the Harney County Wildfire Collaborative and SageCon Partnership will explore the barriers and opportunities for addressing invasive annual grasses in Oregon and beyond the state.

In this workshop some of the most pressing issues related to invasive annual grass management will be discussed, including the connection between invasive annual grasses and wildfire and what can be done to better address this threat.

VIRTUAL Workshop Dates & Agenda
Monday, December 14, 12:30-4:30pm: Defend the Core—Keeping the Good, Good

  • Hard truths of invasive annual grasses
  • Stopping the Spread
  • Supersizing Suppression Success
  • Reducing Wildfire Risk
  • Ratcheting Up Resiliency

Tuesday, December 15, 8:30am-12:30pm: Grow the Core—Restoring At-Risk and Converted Lands

  • Managing Invasive Annual Grasses
  • Innovative Restoration
  • Prioritizing Limited Resources & Sustaining Long-term Investment
  • Where Do We Go From Here

A diverse set of speakers including scientists, land managers, government officials are lined up to share their perspectives about how to address the problems and take advantage of the opportunities.

View the complete AGENDA and PRESENTERS.

To learn more contact High Desert Partnership Ecological Coordinator Ben Cate at

Before the Invasive Annual Grass Workshop attend the SageCon 2020 Summit December 8 & 9. Learn much more here and register.