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People Who Collaborate

Feather Sams-Huesties, Business Oregon Regional Development Officer

Feather Sams-Huesties is a Regional Development Officer with Business Oregon, the state of Oregon's economic development agency. With a rich background in public service and a passion for community support, Feather is committed to fostering economic growth, job creation, and prosperity throughout Oregon. "We use our programs and expertise to help businesses grow, so they can in turn add jobs, diversify the economy, and increase Oregon prosperity. We work with communities to enhance and expand infrastructure and community safety with projects such as water/wastewater systems, seismic rehabilitation for schools, or rural broadband development. This also sets the stage for future business development."

Feather is a first-generation college graduate who grew up in Pendleton, Oregon, "graduated from Pendleton High School and earned a Bachelor of Arts degree from Whitman College in 2000 and a Master of Arts Degree from Washington State University in 2004, both in the study of Cultural Anthropology." 

Feather spent several years working for a tribal government and tribal run non-profit organizations. This experience followed with 11 years with Oregon Department of Transportation, "I spent most of my time in the Office of Civil Rights as a Field Coordinator to Eastern Oregon focusing on Pre- Apprenticeship, Apprenticeship, Workforce Development, Small Business Programs, Disadvantaged Business Enterprise Programs, and Equal Employment Opportunities. I also served as a District Operations Coordinator in Maintenance and represented Region 5 (Eastern Oregon) at a statewide level as the lead of an initiative to better engage Certified Firms (Certification Office for Business Inclusion and Diversity), and actively provided project leadership on ADA and Bicycle/Pedestrian funded projects."

In 2021 Feather left ODOT and joined Business Oregon. "I will hit my two-year mark in January of 2024. I love how I am consistently surprised by the ingenuity and creativity of the communities and businesses that I am fortunate to serve and work alongside. It's truly inspiring to witness that some of the larger businesses in the traded sector are not only persevering but, in some cases, thriving despite challenging economic and workforce conditions. Equally inspiring are the remarkable efforts of our smaller non-traded sector businesses. These may be smaller employers, but they leave a significant impact on our communities."

Feather has become an invaluable partner within Biz Harney, where she brings energy, knowledge, and enthusiasm to support Harney's frontier small businesses. "I've dedicated the majority of my professional career to public service because I'm passionate about supporting communities. I thrive on collaborative problem-solving, approach challenges with creativity, and advocate tirelessly for our communities and businesses. I have a deep appreciation for rural living and landscapes, and I'm committed to contributing to their strength, resilience, safety, and vibrancy."

Feather's passion for lifelong learning extends to her personal life. She enjoys acquiring new knowledge and immersing herself in reading. Outside of her professional and learning pursuits, Feather treasures moments of travel to the Oregon coast with her family. Her family includes her husband Raymond, two sons, Richard and Oscar, and her mother Susan. Together, they have created a home nestled amidst the picturesque mountains of Eastern Oregon.