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Monitoring & Surveying Services

High Desert Partnership champions common ground and uses cooperative problem solving to address issues before they reach crisis. By working together we've found practical ways to tackle some of our community's hardest challenges—restoring forests and wetlands, mitigating wildfire, creating opportunities for youth and growing our local economy.

We support six collaborative working groups based in Harney County: Harney Basin Wetlands Collaborative, Harney County Wildfire Collaborative, Harney County Forest Restoration Collaborative, Malheur National Wildlife Refuge Comprehensive Conservation Plan, Biz Harney Opportunity Collaborative and Youth Changing the Community Collaborative. Each of these collaborative efforts is filled with dedicated individuals committed to finding consensus around complex challenges and opportunities. 

We, High Desert Partnership, provide partners in these collaboratives with  support they need to do their work whether it's convening the meetings, providing talented facilitation, sharing stories about their work, identifying and obtaining funding that will help them accomplish their work and more as needs arise including monitoring and survey data collection services.

As a neutral party High Desert Partnership's Monitoring and Survey Program supports HDP's land resource collaboratives as well agencies and private landowners in Southeast Oregon to collect data from stewardship projects like: fuel breaks, invasive weed treatments effectiveness, juniper cutting, prescribed burns plus survey projects like stream surveying and invasive weed surveys. HDP provides monitoring and survey services as a critical step in the adaptive management process. We develop monitoring plans based on client needs, collect monitoring and survey data and deliver it to the client for their analysis.

Monitoring Services Offered 

  • Oregon Rangeland Monitoring Program Protocols, Ecostate Designation, Line-Point Intercept Methods
  • Nested Frequency
  • Photo Monitoring

All services can be utilized for pre-treatment, effectiveness or post-treatment of projects.  

Survey Services Offered

  • Weed Surveys: Pre-treatment, post-treatment and identification
  • Aquatic Surveys: Stream survey
  • Inventory Surveys: Taking inventory of what is present on a landscape 

Benefits of HDP Monitoring for Collaboratives, Public Agencies & Private Landowners

  • Adaptive Management: A critical step in the adaptive management process measuring progress toward stewardship objectives.
  • Assured Data: Science helps bring diverse perspectives together around assured data.
  • Multiple Monitoring Techniques Available: Tried and true as well as new monitoring techniques available based on the project need.
  • Reduce Hiring Woes: Overcome roadblocks to hiring contracting for monitoring services.
  • Streamline Reporting Requirements: Monitoring data provided is available for reporting requirements.
  • Available to Private Landowners: Help inform land management decisions, reduce stress and workload making it possible to focus on goals for their property.
  • Shared Science Library: Data collected provides a record that can inform multiple landscape scale projects.
  • Building Stewardship Workforce: Makes it possible for high school and college students to explore career opportunities in natural resources while connecting with professionals in their field of interest.

Examples of Monitoring and Survey Projects Conducted

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Contact Kaylee Littlefield to learn more about HDP's Monitoring and Survey Services: