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Jordan Sheley
Project Coordinator

Jordan joined the Harney community at the start of high school when his family moved to Burns from Montana. He went to Boise State University where he obtained a BBA in Economics, but has always kept one foot in the County by working on his parents’ farm. Jordan published several economic feasibility papers on using natural resources, while working with the ARS after graduation. Since then he has been working as a Managing Editor for a scientific publication, until he decided to take a more active role managing the family farm. Working for High Desert Partnership gives him both a way to continue his involvement in economics as well as contribute to the community in a constructive way.

Two of Jordan’s favorite activities are walking his German shepherd in the country and reading a good book. He would rather be outside than inside, at least on the five days a year it isn’t too hot, isn’t too cold, or has more mosquitoes in the air than oxygen. You can reach Jordan at