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About HCWC

Purpose of the Harney County Wildfire Collaborative

The purpose of the Burns Wildfire Collaborative is for the group to reach consensus on specific, achievable, tangible and measurable steps to be taken by all entities (both public and private) to reduce the potential for and the impact of mega-fires in Harney County.

About The Collaborative

In December of 2014, the Bureau of Land Management began working with Oregon Consensus to address the issue of megafires in our region, which had been taking place at a higher than normal frequency. They brought together a diverse group of partners to find ways to tackle megafires and coordinate the efforts of multiple groups for greater efficiency and impact. In 2016, High Desert Partnership was approached and agreed to begin providing support for the wildfire collaborative. Partners in the collaborative include the ranching community, Burns Paiute Tribe, county and city fire chiefs and emergency preparedness personnel, environmental groups, rangeland fire protection associations, scientists, and federal, state, and local government agencies. Suppression, the first topic being addressed by the collaborative, is defined as the communication, and integration of actions taken to put fires out in both initial attack and extended attack. Once the group has reached a consensus on suppression, they will then move to the topic of prevention.